Author: Dr. Cliff Cunningham

  • Tuna Christmas

    Tuna Christmas

    The annual Texas classic Tuna Christmas is back in Austin, courtesy of City Theatre Austin. Since its debut in 1989, this play lays bare the town of Tuna at Christmas time. A combination of slapstick comedy and down-home humour, it features a bewildering array of 22 characters all played by 2 actors. Taking on this […]

  • A Brian Wilson Christmas

    A Brian Wilson Christmas

      Imagine listening to one of your favourite albums from long ago. Then imagine attending a live concert by the group that created that album. Finally, imagine hearing them play the whole thing for your enjoyment. It is a rare event, but not unique. Earlier this year I attended a Kansas concert where they played […]

  • Armadillo Christmas

    An annual fixture in Austin is Armadillo Christmas, currently on show at the Palmer Center. More of an upscale arts and crafts fair than the sort of Christmas bazaar where you might get some last-minute inexpensive Christmas items, Armadillo features a wide range of items. I am offering a sample of just four here. The […]

  • White Christmas

    White Christmas

    For those who harken back to a kinder and gentler time, there is no better tonic that the musical White Christmas, currently on stage at The Palace in Georgetown. For those under 30 who have not yet been exposed to civility, thanks to the corrosive discourse engendered by the inaptly named ‘social media’ of the […]

  • Sorry! Wrong Chimney

    Sorry! Wrong Chimney

    As political analyst Steve Schmidt said on TV recently, “You can’t solve crazy, and you can’t solve stupid.” If it appears the entire cast of characters in Sorry! Wrong Chimney are either crazy or stupid, that’s because they are. This zany comedy, currently playing in Cottonwood Shores (about an hour west of Austin), is a […]

  • Santaland Diaries

    Santaland Diaries

    Santa’s little elf isn’t so little. In the Santaland Diaries, being performed now at the Zach Theatre, he is a full-grown man with a saucy tongue and a rapier wit. This elf is no fool. The play is the brainchild of David Sedaris, who had played an elf in Macy’s department store at Christmas. Sedaris […]



    The first post to the news website Sun News Austin features a welcoming embrace from First Lady Laura Bush. This exclusive Sun News Austin picture was taken in the House Chamber of the Texas State Capitol in Austin on her birthday, November 4, 2017. Sun News Austin will cover a wide range of scientific and […]