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Ancient Latin Poetry Books

What is a poem? That is the question Gabriel Macedo (University of Liège in Belgium) tackles at the outset of this book. While the ancient Romans left us few theoretical definitions, the one that seems […]

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Building Democracy

The built environment is something we often take for granted. For example, if you were born in London anytime in the last century, the Houses of Parliament and Buckingham Palace would be seemingly timeless landmarks. […]

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Diderot: Prose of the World

This book could have been subtitled The Many Faces of Diderot. Like the 1957 film Man of a Thousand Faces, even the world expert on Diderot, who authored this, can’t fully explain him. As editor […]

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The Story of Undersea Cables

In lively prose that transforms an otherwise dull subject into an exciting adventure story, Dr Bruce Hunt of the University of Texas in Austin has written a book on how undersea cables were developed in […]

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  • What is ‘Modern Art’? The provocative title of an exhibit at Ft. Worth’s Kimbell Museum, Turner’s Modern World, forces us to confront that question head on. John Turner’s paintings are now roughly 200 years old, [...]

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Theatre scene

  • The musical dramady Unexpected Joy, currently playing at Ground Floor Theatre in Austin, is a delightful but flawed exploration of lesbian activism, fractured family and religious fundamentalism. “The entire creative team is female,” said playwright [...]

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  • In the United States, the issue of death tax (euphemistically termed estate tax by the government) became a political football in 2010. Four billionaires died that year, which just happened to be the year federal [...]

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