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Monthly Archives: October, 2018


There are many ways to get into the spirit of Halloween (pun intended), and virtually all of them can be found explained in a...

Americans Abroad: Paintings 1860-1931

The Bridge at Andorra in the tiny country between France and Spain was done by Henry Strater in 1920. Strater toured Spain between his...

Bernstein at 100

Leonard Bernstein would have celebrated his 100th birthday this year. Alas he only made it to 72, dying in 1990, the year after I...


When is Fallingwater not Fallingwater? Answer: some winters are so cold the waterfall at the ueber-famous Frank Lloyd Wright house freezes. One of the...

Night of the Living Dead: 40th Anniv.

It's nearly Halloween: what better time for a scary movie? George Romero's scary flick Night of the Living Dead, which many regard as the...

KANSAS: 40th Anniv. Tour

Sun News Austin was on the scene for the 40th anniversary concert of Kansas in Pittsburgh, where they first made it big onto the...
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