Author: Conlan Salgado

  • Poetry on its own Terms

    Poetry on its own Terms

    In the Republic, Plato famously remarked that “there is an old quarrel between philosophy and poetry.”  He also refused to include most types of poetry in his ideal city.  Without suggesting a causal connection, it seems that as poetry loses its prominence more and more in pop culture and public life, the world becomes less […]

  • Bloom’s Last Book

    Bloom’s Last Book

    I do not think Harold Bloom believed in immortality, only long life (he died at age 89 in 2019).  What he called poetic immortality was merely extreme longevity, for even Shakespeare will lose literary relevance when the last human being closes his eyes forever, “and the world is uncreated”.  In his last and great work, […]

  • Mary Oliver and Nature

    Mary Oliver and Nature

    Review written by Conlan Salgado   This is not the age of poetry, nor of great personalities. No one really knows at all what this is the age of, but I think when it is finally named, it will not have the word great in its title. Someone suggested to me the other day that […]