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Show People

Show People is a rather vague play about 4 nutty people coming together to act in a ‘Grand Charade’. The driving force is Tom, who hires a couple to portray his parents in a weekend […]

Theatre Scene


If you ever wondered what Star Trek on steroids would be like (and who hasn’t!) pay a visit to The Gaslight Theatre in Tucson. They are currently staging Space Trek, a version of Star Trek […]

Theatre Scene

Ann Richards: The Play

The play Ann by Holland Taylor is just about as controversial as the person who is the subject of the play: Texas Governor Ann Richards (1933-2006), who served one term from 1991-1995. I often ask […]

Film Studies

Cowboys in Space

If you thought the Wild West was only in Texas, look up to the sky. Cowboys In Space, a new exhibit at the Bullock Museum in Austin, shows that cowboys fly spaceships at least as […]

Book Reviews

Commander in Cheat

It is amazing that author Rick Reilly can say so much about Donald Trump’s personality based on a golf game. So much, in fact, it fills a whole book: Commander in Cheat. Reilly contends you […]

Theatre Scene

Forever Plaid

Even though Forever Plaid has never been on Broadway, this feel-good musical from 1989 is now a staple of theatre productions all over the world. The Plaids in this production at the Georgetown Palace are: […]

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An Edwardian Fairytale of the Cosmos

A play about astronomy does not at first blush capture the imagination, perhaps because most people associate astronomy with mathematics. Silent Sky by Lauren Gunderson breaks free of these inhibitions, focusing on the real-life struggles […]

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Old Western Melodrama

When a melodrama opens with a marriage proposal, you know there will be dangerous shoals to navigate before it’s all over. In the case of Wake Up Napsville, the danger comes from a dynamite-throwing bad […]

Theatre Scene

Dirty Rotten Scoundrels

Dirty Rotten Scoundrels has a long pedigree. The 1964 film Bedtime Story was remade in 1988 as Dirty Rotten Scoundrels starring Steve Martin and Michael Caine. The stage musical, which is now being performed at […]

Arts scene

  • Several images come to mind when one thinks of Van Gogh, especially sunflowers, and starry night scenes. The current exhibit of 50 of his works at the Museum of Fine Arts, Houston is, to a [...]

Music scene

  • The allure of Andrew Lloyd Webber’ s Cats is elusive. Like a Civil War, it tends to divide families. I talked with one middle-age couple at the Bass Concert Hall in Austin, where Cats premiered [...]

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Theatre scene

  • Show People is a rather vague play about 4 nutty people coming together to act in a ‘Grand Charade’. The driving force is Tom, who hires a couple to portray his parents in a weekend [...]

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  • In the United States, the issue of death tax (euphemistically termed estate tax by the government) became a political football in 2010. Four billionaires died that year, which just happened to be the year federal [...]

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  • Fans of opera are not always fans of ballet, but the Ballet Austin performance of Giselle should happily unite those connoisseurs for two reasons. Those who love bel canto opera will adore the ballet Giselle, [...]
  • Most famous for his book The English Patient, which in its movie form won the Best Picture Oscar in 1997, Michael Ondaatje spoke about the creation of his books at the Dallas Museum of Art [...]
  • The Book of Will was developed at the Colorado New Play Summit, and commissioned in 2016 by the Denver Center for the Performing Arts. In 2018 it won the best new play award from the [...]
  • Disney’s animated movie of Beauty and the Beast was transferred to the stage as a musical in 1994. Its debut on Broadway got a tepid review in the New York Times, whose reviewer said the [...]