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A Real Texas Christmas

Caprice is back! Fans of the Doublewide, Texas play performed in 2019 at Hill Country Community Theatre can never forget the irrepressible Caprice, played by Gabriele Grasmick. She has returned to fill this self-absorbed role once more, and we could not be more pleased. The play, named A Doublewide, Texas, Christmas is now at HCCT.

Another alum of the 2019 production is Donna Petty, who reprises her role as Georgia Dean. As in the earlier production, she gets the best one-liners. “What every woman over 40 wants is one cycle through the clothes dryer – come out wrinkle free and two sizes smaller!”

Yes, the delightful antics of Doublewide – the most famous non-town in Texas – is back. Aside from Christmas, the underlying story-line of this sequel is an attempt to incorporate Doublewide as a real town. The chief promoter of this is the mayor, Joveeta, played by Tammy Halsted. Joveeta’s serious intent is constantly thwarted by the in-fighting of the residents, the foremost being Patsy, played by Austin resident Kristi Senterfitt. With a diabolical laugh and a chip on her shoulder, she is a truly explosive character (but you have to watch the play to find out just how explosive!).

For the twin plays we have to thank the playwrights Jessie Jones, Nicholas Hope and Jamie Wooten. The one on tap now was created in 2018, the earlier one being from 2016. One hopes for more.

Most of the action takes place in Joveeta’s home, a doublewide trailer, which is also city hall. In various guises, LBJ and Lady Bird Johnson make an appearance, which seems appropriate as President Johnson’s ranch is not too far away. But mostly it is the site of shenanigans that keep the play moving like a ball being constantly swatted in a pinball machine. You never know where things are going to end up! This is a must-see play for any Texan, whether native or a transplant from elsewhere.

The ensemble cast works together extremely well. In addition to the cast already mentioned, we have Sally Stermac, Alice Haefeli, James Schuetz, Dewayne Sanders, and Gabriele’s husband Larry Grasmick. Kudos to Interim Exec Director Patty Gosselin for leading the HCCT staff through to this happy renewal, after the sad demise of Exec Director Mike Rademaeker in August. A talent development fund has been created in his name. Go to this website for details on supporting this worthy endeavour: www.theHCCT.org/Mike.


A Doublewide, Texas, Christmas will be performed through Dec. 19, 2021.

Hill Country Community Theatre
4003 W. FM 2147
Cottonwood Shore, TX 78657

The cast of A Doublewide, Texas, Christmas




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