In an inspiring announcement, Nagavalli, an Indian-American artist based in Austin, unveils the stellar lineup for her upcoming show, “First and Foremost: Where East Meets West,” set to take place at the Stateside Theater in Austin on Saturday, Feb. 10. This musical spectacle promises an extraordinary evening of cultural melodies and exclusive collaborations, featuring a diverse range of local talents.

Nagavalli, celebrated for her transcendent sold-out album release show in 2023, brings together a lineup of outstanding artists, including Kalu James, Patricia Vonne, Tomar Williams, Nelson Aguilar, Jeska Forsyth, Anastasia Hera, and more. The event, scheduled to begin at 8 p.m., aims to weave a beautiful tapestry of music that transcends genres and celebrates the diversity of sounds.

Expressing her excitement about the upcoming show, Nagavalli states, “This is not just a performance; it’s a celebration of diverse music and the beautiful tapestry that we can weave together.” Her commitment to breaking musical boundaries is evident in her unique sound, described as “Indo-fusion,” blending pop, rock, and trance with east-Indian melodies.

Nagavalli, recently honored with the Global Music Awards and nominated for the Austin Chronicle’s 2023-2024 Austin Music Awards, has been a prominent figure in the Austin music scene. Her latest album, “Numinosum,” released in February 2023, received critical acclaim, leading to the City of Austin’s proclamation of “Nagavalli Day” to recognize her contributions.

As the Chair of the Austin Music Commission and the Mayor’s appointee to the Arts Commission, Nagavalli has not only made waves in her music career but also demonstrated her commitment to fostering a vibrant and inclusive music ecosystem. Her leadership and advocacy have impacted Austin’s cultural landscape indelibly.

Fans can anticipate a captivating showcase at the Stateside Theater, featuring extraordinary renditions from “Numinosum” and familiar tracks from Nagavalli’s vast repertoire. The Indo-fusion luminary invites everyone to this musical celebration that harmoniously blends East and West.

Nagavalli, originally from Mumbai, India, has immersed Austin, Texas, in the diverse and vibrant music of her upbringing. Collaborating with a range of artists spanning Latin, hip-hop, American rock, jazz, East-Indian, and Middle Eastern classical and folk genres, she has crafted a unique and eclectic sound. Recognized as one of the Top 10 Female Vocalists and World Music Artists at the 2015-2016 Austin Music Awards, Nagavalli is a prominent figure in the local music scene. She has recorded and performed alongside notable artists and bands like Eliza Gilkyson, Oliver Rajamani, Bob Livingston, A Is Red, Atash, Patrice Pike, Ginger Leigh, Betty Soo, Carrie Rodriguez, and Govinda. Nagavalli’s performances have graced renowned Austin venues such as the Cactus Cafe, Stateside Paramount Theatre, and the One World Theatre.​

Tickets are now on sale for those interested in attending this extraordinary event. Purchase tickets for the performance at Stateside Theater at the Paramount

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By Elise Krentzel

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