Inspired by The Lost Flowers of Alice Hart

Across an ocean beach of blue,

Her PTSD whistle bangs the tune against a lighthouse dull

Her past reflects

            It’s synged

            It’s bruised

Stiffen up you DUMB backbone

she repeats and repeats and repeats and repeats and repeats

Of all the years that float adrift

Of that which is already blown to bits

A Mariners call into the dead black night

Pain aloft

Her whine, her song

Stand near the flame

Don’t blow the torch

Words can’t remain

 in this hollow tomb.

By Elise Krentzel

Elise Krentzel is the author of the bestselling memoir Under My Skin - Drama, Trauma & Rock 'n' Roll, a ghostwriter, book coach to professionals who want to write their memoir, how-to or management book or fiction, and contributing author to several travel books and series. Elise has written about art, food, culture, music, and travel in magazines and blogs worldwide for most of her life, and was formerly the Tokyo Bureau Chief of Billboard Magazine. For 25 years, she lived overseas in five countries and now calls Austin, TX, her home. Find her at, FB: @OfficiallyElise, Instagram: @elisekrentzel, LI: