Toy store Toy Joy and its sister business, Yummi Joy (just what it sounds like! Candy), are expanding their operations and will open doors at its newer, larger-by-50% locale on July 1st at 5501 Burnet Rd, Austin, TX 78756.

I spoke with co-founder Shelley Meyer to learn more about her involvement and history with Toy Joy. Fred Schmidt, the other half of the partnership, was unavailable for comment. Toy Joy grew along the same timeline as Wild About Music, located on Congress Avenue (a music-themed shop selling instruments, merchandise, and books[1] as the name implies) in the late 80s.

Toy Joy has relocated a few times around town. “From the drag to next door to our other downtown shop, Austin Rocks Second Street.  Toy Joy curates toys and collectibles for all ages, quirky items that stand apart from mass merchants.

Their employees create hand-drawn artwork and signs for their shelves with a humorous slant.

I remember when I first moved to Austin in 2011; it was the summer of the blazing inferno with temperatures in the triple digits. My feet burned as I walked over the Bat Bridge with my then-ten-year-old son. I asked him how we could spend the rest of the afternoon indoors, sans movies or bowling. We needed a break and decided to explore the town by car. He suggested we check out a well-reviewed toy store. I drove to ToyJoy, and we spent the rest of the afternoon amongst the games and collectibles.

Yummi Joy, a natural extension of Toy Joy, is where you can get candy and vegan ice cream from small-batch local producer Gati. Coconut-based ice cream flavors are available for a yummy experience. In addition to espresso and ice cream, they serve housemade fudge, truffles, and pick-and-mix candy. Vegan candy options are also available at the store. “We love being part of foodie culture in Austin!” admits Shelley.

Yummi Joy can also be found at Austin-Bergstrom International Airport, offering travelers a local taste of the city’s best retailers and restaurants. Keeping Austin Austin could be a new catchphrase to replace Keeping Austin Weird as the latter no longer reflects what this city has become and is becoming. One good thing we can keep and attest to is that with retailers like Toy Joy and Yummi Joy, Austin will remain near and dear to our hearts and sweet teeth. 😀

This new location will hold an events loft for gatherings of game and hobby enthusiasts like Dungeons & Dragons game nights, Gundam model-building groups, toy swaps, and birthday parties.


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[1] They sell my memoir Under My Skin – Drama, Trauma & Rock ‘n’ Roll

By Elise Krentzel

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