Felix III at The Vortex in Austin

The recording artist Felix III debuted a smouldering song released the very week he made his appearance in Austin recently at The Vortex, during the annual Outsider Fest.

“I was so excited to play my new song Pink Velvet, ( LINK ), and happy to see people dancing and singing along! Coming back to Outsider Fest this year as the Artist in Residence really felt like coming home after spending the last year expanding on my music and my life. Their support allowed me to continue growing my work, my network and opportunities.

In comments at the performance, Felix III talked about his new project, sparked by the tragic story of a Hollywood actress who died in 1932.

“Peg Entwhistle was an actress who came to America from Britain. She thought she was going to be a Hollywood star but it didn’t turn out that way. She did her first movie and RKO Pictures dropped her, so she climbed up the Hollywood sign and dove off. The next day, her contract arrived in the mail. She’s what I built this whole new project on because I’ve been Peg Entwhistle – I’ve been in places where I almost climbed up the sign, but I didn’t. That doesn’t make me a special person, it just means I had community around me who wouldn’t let me sink. And in fact you can’t do anything without a community. So I really learned that over the last couple of years.” He then performed a song dedicated to her.

In an interview for Sun News, Felix III said “One year ago I had no band, no songs out, no direction, and heaps of anxiety — flash forward to now and I have an incredible musical collaborator, Trevor V, I’ve released three songs, played various music festivals, and really begun to find my audience. And most importantly, I started to believe in myself for the first time. It is a miraculous thing to feel yourself begin to sparkle again. That is precisely why I give a little speech before Peg Entwistle. So many artists end up like her. Throwing themselves into the abyss. I chose life.”

Felix says “We call our community The Cult. Our network. Encouraging one another to keep expanding and growing. So, we’re welcoming everyone to join it. Put on your best white outfit and come dance with us.”

I reported last year on his concert in Austin, which closed SXSW:




Visit his website: https://felixiii.com


There you will find a T-shirt for sale that depicts Felix III throwing himself off the Hollywood sign! Personally, I prefer the other Tee for sale there, called The Heavenly Beat. Either way, go to the site and support FelixIII, one of America’s best and most inspiring young performers!

Photo: Felix III at The Vortex, with Trevor V at left on drums. Photo by C. Cunningham.

Felix III at The Vortex in Austin


By Dr. Cliff Cunningham

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