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  • Almost Real Things’ Art Bus Tour and Why Art Matters to the City

    Almost Real Things’ Art Bus Tour and Why Art Matters to the City

    Almost Real Things is a free pocket-sized publication featuring the art of artists in Austin’s burgeoning ecosphere. Natalie Earheart, editor-in-chief, and Zachary Zulch, creative director and event organizer started this project 6 years ago. Here is a transcript of my interview:   When did ART start? Was it based on a similar project you saw […]

  • The Art of Marta

    The Art of Marta

    On one of my trips to London this year I dined at the best Italian restaurant of all, La Mia Mama. It is a unique place in London, where all the chefs are mamas from Italy, who are brought over from Italy to cook their own regional dishes. Every few months, the roster switches to […]

  • Lembit Sarapuu: Reality and Actuality

    Lembit Sarapuu: Reality and Actuality

    The most famous Estonian artist is Lembit Sarapuu, celebrating his 92nd birthday this year. In honour of more than six decades of artistic output, the Kumu Art Museum in Tallinn, Estonia, is currently displaying some 150 of his works. It is a truly mind-bending experience. His work is divided into three themes, as explained by […]

  • Subterranean Helsinki

    Subterranean Helsinki

    What lies underground? Monsters perhaps. And diamonds too. A summer 2022 exhibit in Helsinki’s Amos Rex Museum, Subterranean, explores man’s fascination with various facets of the underworld. Those facets include diamonds (of course), and here we can see a large 3D artwork with large diamond-shaped objects that rotate. It is included in the Geology section […]

  • RAPHAEL: Blockbuster Exhibit in London

    RAPHAEL: Blockbuster Exhibit in London

    For someone who has been dead for 502 years, Raphael still exudes a superstar aura in the art world. Together with Leonardo and Michelangelo, they are the Great Triumvirate, the undoubted masters of Italian art whose brilliance burned everyone else to a crisp. They ARE art. Visitors to London now can see the greatest Raphael […]

  • STONEHENGE: The First Exhibit

    STONEHENGE: The First Exhibit

    Considering the worldwide fame of Stonehenge, and centuries of antiquarian and scientific investigation, it may come a surprise that there has never been a museum exhibit about this ancient monument. Not, that is, until now. Sun News was at the British Museum for a thorough study of the exhibit in early June. Now, this is […]

  • Clouds in the Sky

    Clouds in the Sky

        In 1916, the great Russian painter Kazimir Malevich wrote “If all artists could see the crossroads of these celestial paths, if they could comprehend these monstrous runways and the weaving of our bodies with the clouds in the sky, then they would not paint chrysanthemums.” Just over a century on, an exhibit at […]

  • Murillo in Dallas: The Prodigal Son

    Murillo in Dallas: The Prodigal Son

    A special artistic treat awaits visitors to the Meadows Museum in Dallas. On loan from Dublin is the only complete cycle of paintings by Murillo (1617-1682) that has not been scattered across the globe. For those who visited the Meadows five years ago, this Murillo cycle depicting the Parable of the Prodigal Son follows nicely […]

  • Sherwood Forest Faire

    Sherwood Forest Faire

    Robon Hood has been seen in Sherwood Forest, and the Sheriff of Nottingham is hard on his heels! The year is 1191, and all the action takes place on various stages at the Sherwood Forest Faire in McDade, about 45 minutes east of Austin. This is the 13th annual Sherwood Forest Faire, and is an […]

  • Turner Paintings in Ft. Worth

    Turner Paintings in Ft. Worth

    What is ‘Modern Art’? The provocative title of an exhibit at Ft. Worth’s Kimbell Museum, Turner’s Modern World, forces us to confront that question head on. John Turner’s paintings are now roughly 200 years old, the oldest in this exhibit from 1805, the latest from 1845. In this span of 40 years Turner (1775-1851) transformed […]