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Monthly Archives: June, 2022

Texas Honey Bee Farm

Not far from Austin Zoo lies the Texas Honey Bee Farm, nestled in a wooded area close to Cedar Valley. I visited there recently...

The Sound of Music

Twenty years ago I saw Julie Andrews and Christopher Plummer on stage in Toronto for a Sound of Music reunion. As Ms. Andrews had...

Frank Lloyd Wright’s House at Cranbrook

Of the 400 remaining buildings designed and built by Frank Lloyd Wright, some 250 are single-family homes. Several of these are open to the...

War of the Worlds

The threat of alien invasion is very much with us now, as it actually happened on Jan. 6, 2021. It was a worn-out Hollywood...

RAPHAEL: Blockbuster Exhibit in London

For someone who has been dead for 502 years, Raphael still exudes a superstar aura in the art world. Together with Leonardo and Michelangelo,...

STONEHENGE: The First Exhibit

Considering the worldwide fame of Stonehenge, and centuries of antiquarian and scientific investigation, it may come a surprise that there has never been a...
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